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How is Bungalo different from Opendoor, OfferPad and Zillow?
How is Bungalo different from Opendoor, OfferPad and Zillow?

Many companies are focused on helping you sell homes faster. Bungalo is focused on limiting uncertainty so you can buy homes better.

Written by Brent Meshier
Updated over a week ago

Companies like Opendoor, OfferPad and Zillow are dedicated to helping agents and sellers expedite the selling process. Their focus is on moving real estate inventory quickly, with minimal investment, in order to provide sellers and agents with quicker payouts. 

Unlike those platforms, our focus is on the home buyer, and transforming a process that is typically filled with endless uncertainties and steps into an easy, transparent, and stress-free experience. 

We start by thoroughly inspecting our homes with the buyer in mind. Instead of doing the minimum for a quick flip, we check our homes from top to bottom - including big ticket items like HVAC and electrical. And we back it all up with our Bungalo certification

Additionally, we’ve brought together a team of knowledgeable industry professionals that are at your disposal 7 days a week – ready to answer all your home buying questions and exceed your expectations.

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