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What guarantees does a Bungalo Certified Home provide?
What guarantees does a Bungalo Certified Home provide?

Every Bungalo home has to undergo multiple rounds of inspections before it's listed to get Bungalo certified, our stamp of approval.

Written by Brent Meshier
Updated over a week ago

We take great pride in the peace of mind that comes with every Bungalo home. Before a Bungalo home is listed online, it undergoes multiple rounds of inspections, including a 3rd party home inspection. After completing the inspection process the home is certified.

For the full picture, you can access all inspection reports and other important home documents through any home's listing page via its document vault. ย 

We're even with you after close so you can move in with confidence. We provide every Bungalo homeowner with our 90-Day Post Close Protection Plan, which means if you run into a covered issue in your first 90 days after closing, we'll send out a team member to get you fixed up.

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