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What is the benefit of Bungalo's “No Hassle” price?
What is the benefit of Bungalo's “No Hassle” price?

No more negotiating, no more getting outbid at the last second. Bungalo accepts the list price on a first-come first-serve basis.

Written by Brent Meshier
Updated over a week ago

Our transparent "No Hassle” price eliminates the stress of the bidding process and places all homebuyers on an even playing field. Gone are the days when you eagerly made an offer on your dream home only to find out you'd been out bid by a higher offer or a cash buyer. 

With Bungalo, every willing and able home buyer has an equal opportunity to own one of our homes. All you have to do, is be the first to submit your offer along with a pre-approval letter confirming proof of financing. 

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